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In the past 40 days, it is estimated that at least 50% of the Shiba Inu whales sold their coins.

Key Points:

Shiba Inu holders’ count has dropped in the last 40 days

Bitgert holders’ count has soared in the past 30 days

Bitgert fast-growing ecosystem continues to attract Shiba Inu investors

Among the biggest loss for Shiba Inu is the growing number of investors leaving the coin. Thousands of crypto investors are leaving every month. But what has created a lot of attention is the growing number of whales selling Shiba Inu. In the past 40 days, it is estimated that at least 50% of the Shiba Inu whales sold their coins.

This comes when the Shiba Inu team is making efforts to keep this coin afloat. Note that Shiba Inu has been crashing for the past 6 months non-stop. Among the moves the team has made recently is listing on Robinhood and launching the ‘burn portal.’ Gucci also accepted the Shiba Inu for payment in some US stores.

But little success has been achieved. This is because the biggest challenge for Shiba Inu is the competition. Among the biggest competitors is Bitgert (BRISE), a crypto project that has taken many investors to leave Shiba Inu. Even Shiba Inu whales have been joining Bitgert.

Bitgert has quickly risen to be the most competitive project against major cryptocurrencies due to the disruptive blockchain ecosystem it is building. First, Bitgert is a high-utility crypto project and not a meme coin like Shiba Inu and others. Second, Bitgert has the fastest-growing ecosystems, and third, Bitgert has the most disruptive products.

On the fastest-growing ecosystem, the Bitgert team is delivering its roadmap faster than any other project. That’s why in just 9 months of existence, Bitgert has built multiple disruptive products and added tens of projects to its ecosystem. Bitgert BRC20 is still the most adopted blockchain in the past 60 days because it has the most disruptive features, including a zero-gas fee and the fastest blockchain.

The Bitgert ecosystem will continue to be the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem due to the many products in the roadmap V2 and the hundreds of projects that Bitgert Startup Studio is adding to this ecosystem. There are 1000+ Bitgert backed projects that Startup Studio is adding to the Bitgert ecosystem.

The Bitgert partnership with the Centcex project is also going to grow the Bitgert ecosystem fast. Centcex is building an unlimited number of products for the Bitgert ecosystem. The Centcex team might add tens of products to the Bitgert ecosystem in a few months.

In conclusion, Shiba Inu is losing big in the market while Bitgert is gaining big. This makes Bitgert the crypto project to watch in 2022. With Centcex coming in to grow the Bitgert ecosystem, this project has everything to become the next big cryptocurrency.


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