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Product Description

Alketron SSD SATA3 120gb 1tb 500gb 480gb 240gb solid state drive internal harddiskAlketron SSD SATA3 120gb 1tb 500gb 480gb 240gb solid state drive internal harddisk

Solid State Drives from ALKETRON Computers

GAMING Solid State Drive SSD

GAMING Solid State Drive SSD

Suitable for Laptops and Desktops

Suitable for Laptops and Desktops



SSD for Gaming

Enhance the performance of your Gaming or Standard Laptop/Desktop PC:

Definitely better than your regular internal Hard Disk when it comes to R/W speed, With 600 MBPS of Read Write speed you can achieve the maximum performance from your PC.

Best SSD choice for Laptops and Desktops

Multi-platform Compatibility:

ALKETRON SSD are compatible with. Incredible all in one solution for all your memory needs.

Standard and Gaming PCStandard and Gaming LaptopsWorkstations

Reliable Storage with ALKETRON SSD

Reliable Storage Solutions with 3D NAND:

Your Hard disk holds all your irreplaceable files and it saves almost everything your system does. Join the community who are keeping their irreplaceable family videos, travel photos, music, and important documents on an SSD, and get the near-instant performance and lasting reliability that comes with solid state storage. Upgrade with the ALKETRON SSD, a drive built on quality, speed, and security that’s all backed by helpful service and support.

Interface:- SATA3 (6 Gb/s) SSD
Max Transfer Rate:- Read/Write 590 ~ 600 MBPS (3D NAND)
TBW Rating : 500 Terra Bites Write capable (up to)
Suitable for Standard and Gaming Desktop PC and Laptop | Dimension(mm): 100*69.8*7mm – 2.5″

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