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Bitgert Outperforms Safemoon & Babydoge, Will Bitgert Reach $10B Marketcap This Year?

by Analytics Insight

March 1, 2022


There is no doubt that Bitgert has outperformed almost all the cryptocurrencies of 2021 and even the older projects. Put it against any cryptocurrency of 2021, including Safemoon, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu, or even Babydoge, and you will see how far Bitgert has left them behind. Well, will the Bitgert project reach the $10B marketcap this year? Well, here is more about the Bitgert project and how it has outperformed most of its competitors:



A look at the Bitgert roadmap delivery so far shows a project that is developing very fast. The team has already delivered a lot of products for a short period of seven months. But the launch of the BRISE BRC20 blockchain is what brought a lot of attention to the Bitgert project. Bitgert is a revolutionary blockchain that has alleviated the issues of the expensive gas fee and improved the speed of blockchain.

The zero gas fee is one of the biggest features that has outperformed all cryptocurrencies in the industry. There is no other blockchain that has its gas fee lower than $0.0000000000001, which is the Bitgert gas fee. In addition to that, the Bitgert chain is now the fastest blockchain, faster than Solana. Bitgert has also launched more products and programs like the Startup Studio that will skyrocket its adoption. With all these features, Bitgert has everything to reach the $10B marketcap this year.



The Centcex may have been outperformed by Bitgert, but it is one of the most promising projects. The project is just three months old but has been delivering the roadmap very fast, something that is attracting a lot of crypto investors. The Centcex team has already started building the cryptocurrency exchange for the network. Centcex project is building an unlimited number of products, which will generate a colossal amount of revenue that will be shared between staked tokens. The staking rewards are 100% APY. These are reasons making Centcex super attractive to crypto investors. But Centcex still needs to beat Bitgert.



The slow roadmap and the product delivery have been some of the biggest challenges for the Safemoon product. This is also one of the reasons why the investors have taken Safemoon to court. However, the team has been putting in some effort, and the launch of the Safemoon V2 was a success. The team needs to work on exchange and build its own blockchain to compete with Bitgert. However, it is currently miles behind Bitgert at the moment. The Safemoon Project Phoenix is one of the next big things.



The Babydoge project may be doing well in growing its community, as well as the token holders, but little has been achieved in product design. Babydoge is among the dog coins, and this could be the reason why products development is slow. However, the token utility of the Babydoge project is one of the exciting features of this project. The Babydoge needs to do a lot to products development to beat Bitgert. This might include developing its blockchain, which is cheaper and faster.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu has done well in building products for its ecosystem. There is a lot of development going on towards the building of the Floki play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. The team is building the powerful Valhalla, which is the key product for the Floki gaming platform. More products, including Floki University and FlokiPlaces, are expected to give this token more utility. But this is very little compared to what the Bitgert team has launched. The Floki Inu team will need to do more on products delivery to outperform Bitgert.


Saitama Inu

Development around the Saitama Inu projects has been impressive, though not enough to beat Bitgert. The team is building a range of products for the Saitama network to give the token more utility. Though with so many challenges, the SaitaMask is one of the biggest products that the team has launched in 2022. There are more products coming up, but the Saitama Inu will need to work harder to beat the Bitgert competition. Saitama is already outperformed by Bitgert and left far behind.

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