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Partnership between Kroger and Drone Express to Offer Drone-Delivered Groceries

According to Jody Kalmbach, group vice president of product experience at Kroger, “Kroger’s new drone delivery experiment is part of the growth of our rapidly expanding and innovative e-commerce business – which encompasses pickup, delivery, and shipping and reached more than $10 billion in sales in 2020.” “The pilot, supported by cutting-edge, economical, and effective last-mile solutions, emphasizes to customers the value of flexibility and promptness. We’re eager to test drone delivery and gather information to guide future client solutions and expansion plans.” As Drone Express technology enables package delivery to a customer’s smartphone location rather than just a street address, the trial will provide customers with unmatched flexibility. In order to satisfy customer needs while staying under the existing weight restrictions for drone delivery, which are around five pounds, Kroger is developing packaged product options. For instance, Kroger will provide packages for newborn care that include wipes and formula, child wellness packages that include over-the-counter medicines and drinks, and S’mores packages that include graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Customers can place orders on Delivery and have qualified orders delivered in as little as 15 minutes.

According to Beth Flippo, Chief Technology Officer of TELEGRID, “Autonomous drones have limitless potential to improve daily life, and our technology opens the door to safe, secure, environmentally friendly deliveries for Kroger customers.” “We can help Kroger customers send chicken soup to a sick friend or receive quick delivery of olive oil if they run out while cooking supper,” says the company. This week, test flights for Drone Express will start close to the Kroger Marketplace in Centerville, Ohio (1095 South Main Street). Licensed Drone Express pilots will control the flights from an on-site trailer with extra off-site monitoring. Later this spring, customer deliveries are planned to start, and a second pilot program is planned to begin this summer at a Ralphs shop in California.

According to Ethan Grob, director of last mile strategy and product at Kroger, “the launch of the pilot in Centerville is the conclusion of months of rigorous research and development by Kroger and Drone Express to better serve and satisfy the requirements of our consumers.” This spring, we hope to move from test flights to customer deliveries, giving our customers even another option to interact with Kroger. “Kroger and Drone Express made a terrific choice in choosing Centerville as the site of the program’s pilot,” said Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton. “Centerville is a city with a solid business network focused on prosperity and stability close to the home of aviation.” “Families in this area have the ability to change grocery delivery across the country and the world. We are eager to make our first purchase.

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