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Price: ₹2,000.00 - ₹999.00
(as of Jan 25,2022 23:47:04 UTC – Details)

Package List:

  • 1x DC Motor, 1x L293D motor driver, 1x LCD1602, 1x 74HC595, 1x 7-Segment Display, 1x Light Sensor (Photoresistor), 1x Analog Temperature Sensor (Thermistor), 1x 40 pin GPIO Extension Board, 1x 40 pin GPIO Cable, 1x Breadboard Power Supply Module, 1x Active Buzzer, 2x Switch, 1x RGB LED, 8x Red LED, 4x Green LED, 4x Yellow LED, 4x Blue LED, 16x Resistor(220O), 10x Resistor(1kO), 5x Resistor(10kO), 4x Capacitor (104), 2x Capacitor (10uF), 4x Button (large), 5x Button (small), 1x Button cap (red), 1x Button cap (white), 2x Button cap (blue), 2x NPN Transistor (8050), 2x PNP Transistor (8550), 2x 1N4148 Diode, 2x 1N4001 Diode, 1x Potentiometer (10KO), 1x Breadboard, 30x Male to Male Jumper Wires, 20x Male to Female Jumper Wires, 1x Header (40pin), 1x Band Resistor Card
  • Lessons:

  • About the Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Pin Numbering Introduction
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Library Introduction
  • How to use the wiringPi and the RPi.GPIO
  • Lesson 1 Blinking LED
  • Lesson 2 Buzzer
  • Lesson 3 Controlling an LED with a button
  • Lesson 4 LED Flowing Lights
  • Lesson 5 Breathing LED
  • Lesson 6 Controlling a RGB LED with PWM
  • Lesson 7 7-segment display
  • Lesson 8 How to drive a 7-segment display with 74HC595
  • Lesson 9 LCD1602
  • Lesson 10 Photoresistor
  • Lesson 11 Thermistor
  • Lesson 12 Controlling an LED through the LAN
  • Lesson 13 DC motor
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
    Package Dimensions‏:‎23.3 x 14.4 x 4.4 cm; 450 Grams
    Date First Available‏:‎21 January 2019
    Manufacturer‏:‎Alpha Shope
    Item part number‏:‎RPI3-EB-KIT-021
    Country of Origin‏:‎India
    Manufacturer‏:‎Alpha Shope, Alpha Shope F5 Okhla Phase-1 New Delhi-110020
    Item Weight‏:‎450 g

    It is esay for you to learn Raspberry Pi and C & Python programming.
    Quick-responding technical support for free.
    It is very beautiful, and it is a wonderful gift for children.
    Raspberry Pi is NOT included.

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