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In 2018 we began our flood forecasting initiative to help combat the catastrophic damage from floods each year by equipping those in harm’s way with accurate and detailed alerts. This work is a part of Google’s broader Crisis Response program which provides people access to trusted information and resources in critical moments. For over a decade, our Crisis Response team has been partnering with front line and emergency workers to develop technology and programs that help keep people safe, informed and out of harm’s way.

Expanding our forecasting reach

In the first three years, we expanded our program to cover much of India and Bangladesh, working in partnership with the Indian Central Water Commision and with the Bangladesh Water Development Board, covering an area with about 220 million people and sending out 40 million potentially life-saving alerts. And in 2021, our operational systems were further expanded to cover an area with over 360 million people. Thanks to better flood prediction technology, we sent out over 115 million alerts — that’s about triple the amount we previously sent out.

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