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Let’s understand the application of facial recognition technology in various industries.

Face recognition is an amazing technology used to find and verify the identity of an individual using their face.

Face recognition systems can be used to identify people in photos, video, or even in real-time. It avails computer algorithms to pick out specific, distinctive details about a person’s face.

In this article, we are going to explore the application of face recognition technology in various industries.



In the retail market, face recognition could be used to capture what the shoppers are looking at. This will help retailers to enable optimized promotions to the shoppers via email or online ads. Facial recognition espoused with augmented reality will make brands data-rich, especially, beauty brands.



Facial recognition leverages better customer service in the hospitality industry. By tying the technology to a guest’s account, hotels can activate/her check-ins when they walk into the premises.


Events and Entertainment

Gaming services like casinos use facial recognition and tracking system to catch cheaters and keep track of the blacklisted gamblers. Besides, the technology is in high demand in concerts and sports events as it can alarm while recognizing terrorists’ identities.


Air travel

Alike its use case in the hotel industry, facial recognition could be expedited for everyone and even provide a more tailored experience. It is anticipated to replace the boarding process and streamline the entry routinely.



Facial recognition is one of the ways banks can boost productivity and usability for their clients by reducing friction. It assists in preventing unauthorized persons from acquiring access to restricted areas of a bank and capturing unusual activity on camera.



In an effort to improve convenience and safety, face recognition is making its way into the automotive industry. There are various uses for facial recognition in this field, ranging from car unlocking to theft protection.



Facial recognition is used in the education sector to monitor students and automate attendance data. During classes, it can provide updates on the crowd’s reaction. Facial recognition can also help with security by keeping track of who enters and leaves the institution on a regular basis.



Facial recognition software can monitor for signs of tiredness in ride-sharing drivers and prevent them from accepting rides if they are weary. It’s also beneficial in reducing the rate of road accidents caused by fatigued cab drivers.

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