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The 21st century is thriving with multiple talented digital content creators on several social media platforms. They have millions of followers across the world with interesting content ideas and concepts. Now, the AI playground from NVIDIA has started helping digital content creators with the intersection of artificial intelligence, art, and science.

NVIDIA is offering an AI playground with different features for digital artists and content creators such as GauGAN2 AI Art Tool, GTC, NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face, and many more. Even content creators can leverage convolutional neural networks to draw on— deep learning authenticates art efficiently and effectively.

The NVIDIA Studio platform can supercharge the creative process of all the digital content creators across the world. There are accelerated 3D, video editing, visual effects, and many more to use transformative technologies in art. Some sessions help these creators with a deep understanding of how to improve their 3D skills and how to use platform features while gaining in-depth insights\ on networking within the industry.

AI playground is for any digital content creator who has multiple interests in photo editing as well as deep learning. It consists of three demos for beginners such as Photorealistic Image Synthesis, Image InPainting, and Artistic Style Transfer.

Thus, the AI playground is set to bring out the creativity and innovative skills, and talents of millions of digital content creators across the world.


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