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Artificial intelligence has been seeping into a variety of industries over the last few years, with Jigsaw Academy noting that some sectors are already heavily reliant on it. Online casinos have a rich history of incorporating new technology as it emerges, and they are usually at the forefront of the latest developments. Therefore, it’s no surprise that AI is already being used to improve the iGaming sector.

There are numerous ways that AI can enhance the online casino industry, covering everything from the user experience to handling marketing compliance. The iGaming sector could be a great place for AI to get the mainstream attention it deserves.

What is the Main Function of AI in the Online Casino Industry?

AI is starting to have an impact on the online casino industry and the way that brands ensure that they are complying with marketing restrictions. According to news from Gaming Innovation Group, it has recently forged new partnerships for its automated affiliate marketing compliance tool known as GiG Comply. German-based operator Merkur is the most recent brand to use the software as more companies are seeing its benefits.

The tool is an AI-assisted way for operators to choose checklist parameters and market-specific requirements. The reason that this is important is that these brands need to make sure they are playing by the rules in all the regions that they operate in. When any online casino wants to expand into new markets, it’s crucial to comply with the different policies in these places and AI is the best way to do that now.

What Other Ways could AI Enhance Online Casinos?

AI has plenty of other applications that can benefit end users as well. The technology is already being used in customer service at online casinos, with players often able to talk to automated bots. Over time, these chatbots will become more advanced and could one day serve the same roles as human representatives.

AI will also be used to track player activity and seek ways to improve the user experience. It could lead to bespoke online casino pages that are geared to suit individual users. The potential is endless, and the sites that integrate AI first will benefit massively.

Helping People Gain Trust in AI

Online casinos have a long history of helping people get used to new technology before it goes mainstream. A prime example of this was live streaming, which was incorporated into online casino games way before Facebook took it to the masses in 2017.

The social media site will have seen the success of live streaming in iGaming and on Twitch and realized that it was time to take it to the next level. A similar situation could happen with AI. Big brands will see its good work in the online casino sector and then try to make use of it themselves.

There’s no doubt that the online casino industry is one of the places where AI is swiftly proving its effectiveness. Technology is going to have a major impact there in the years ahead.

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