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How to become a programmer

How to become a programmer?

Now let’s discuss how to become a programmer. To be a successful programmer, you must have extensive knowledge of syntax in computer language which you are using. Although, syntax is a small part of the whole story. Only writing a program which runs is not enough, it is also important that the program gives a desired output.

A good programmer always writes a program which is easy to understand to other programmers. Maximum programs we do in teams or in case of individuals, we also have to read and edit the program simultaneously and repeatedly. That is why a greatly written program is always useful for a long time.

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Today, the computer world is greatly evolving and is creating new innovations everyday. We get a decent salary, respect, and job security. A programmer job profile is one of those. Programmers are also called software developers.

In this blog, we will discuss who is a programmer? Who is a Software developer? What do the programmers do? And how to become a programmer? How much salary does the programmer have?

In this day and age, we are all surrounded by computers. There is no place where computers don’t exist. We know that a computer is a hardware and to use the hardware or control the hardware, we also need software. How much software we see or software that is used around us is made by a specific process or technique which is called software engineering.

Steps to create software

1. Analysis
2. Design
3. Coding (Programming)
4. Testing
5. Deployment
6. Support and Maintenance

The third step in software engineering is programming or coding. Programming means writing codes in a defined computer language to make software. Because one of the definitions of software is also that it is the collection of statements, written in computer language, also called programs. And the person who writes programs using a computer language is known as a programmer.

As of today, it is one of the highest paying jobs because the demand for a good programmer is continuously increasing. If you are good at programming or if you can make programs, then companies can easily hire you because they always need a good programmer. As such the internet is growing as technology is growing and the demand for computer programmers is also growing.

There are some tips for becoming a programmer –

1. Good grip and understanding of computer languages.
2. Good logical ability (Reasoning and Logic).
3. Detailed information about the computer’s basic function.
4. Computer flow chart information.
5. Good sense of decision-making.
6. The exact information of English.

The most important thing is that you must know the basic programming languages such as C language, C++, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc. If you studied computer science in your class 12 or higher secondary, then you can understand these programming languages. If you don’t have computer science in your high secondary, no problem, you can learn these programming languages by learning through various online resources that are free of cost. Learn all the basic concepts and upskill.

You can also apply for a in Computer Science or B.Sc. Computer Science, if you are not from science background, then you can go for BCA(*Note : — Bachelor of technology is a 4-year professional graduation program, B.Sc. — Bachelor of Science is a 3-year academic graduation program, BCA — Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year IT professional graduation program). You can learn various programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and many more.

After upskilling through online courses, you will have a better idea on which field you want to work in, such as web developer or android developer or system application developer, kernel developer, game developer, block-chain developer, there are dozens of fields for a programmer. You first have to decide which field you wish to enter. So take an example, what is a web developer? Web developers are those people who make the websites that you see on online social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

But what do you think? How are these websites made? So to make a website you have to learn and use HTML, CSS, Java, PHP and other programming languages. You need to learn how to join databases, how to deploy a website, how to optimize a website’s search engine. If you know all those things then you can be a good website developer.
If you wish to become an android developer, you have to learn a different technology, and different computer languages. After that, the next step is you have to continue to learn new technologies. What you learn in your school or what you learn in college is just a degree, after completing that you have to do so many new things then you can be a good software developer. 

If you want to compete with the ever-changing world, then you must learn new things every day. Upskilling is essential to stay relevant.  Don’t think that if you complete BCA, now you can be an android developer. Learning new skills, upgrading yourself is beneficial in today’s world, just remember one thing if you want to make your career in computer programming then it is important to stay updated because technology changes every day.

In the past, where only we had the C language, now it is the generation of android. Maybe tomorrow it will be covered by a brand-new language, so the major thing is try your best to update yourself. So I will say that if you have a strong interest in this field, then you can continue upskilling everyday.

The next step is to do practical work. If you wish to become a web developer, then make websites using varieties of software or how to deploy a website or how to connect databases within it. These concepts can be better understood when you have practical experience. The more practical experience you gain, the more beneficial it is to you.

After that, you can do jobs, or you can go for business. It’s up to you. Demand for programmers or coders is so high, both internationally and in India. If you follow the steps to learn new things then you can be a good programmer.

Salary of a Programmer 

Now talking about the salary of a programmer. In any multinational company or established organization, a programmer’s profile is recognized as a good and respected profile. Salary of a programmer or software developer depends on the knowledge and experience they have. You can earn 25,000 to 1 lakh rupees in India. With experience and company’s growth, your salary will increase. Remember one thing. A programmer or software developer’s work is pretty challenging.

Error free programming, technique of writing programs, stress to complete a program within the given deadline, and maintain a good relation with your manager, if you overcome these challenges, then you say you are made for a programmer profile. Continuous upskilling is essential to power ahead your career. 

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