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March 22, 2022

Inorbital is a full-service digital agency based in Toronto and serving the globe. The company specializes in crafting meaningful solutions for non-profit and member organizations. All its work is done out of its local studio by its expert team of certified developers and award-winning designers and experienced project managers.

Inorbital approaches every project with client objectives in mind and works together with them to reach those goals. Its process is based on the proven six-step methodology that the company has refined over the years. This methodology allows Inorbital to be flexible enough to accommodate the specific project needs without compromising the structure of the process, budget, or timelines.


Some of the services provided by the company include:
  • UX & Digital Strategy
  • Persona research, site audits, strategy analysis, and IA consulting.
  • UI & Web Design
  • From Hi-fidelity wireframing, prototyping to Custom Graphics and design.
  • Web Development
  • Custom web development solutions for dynamic website integrations and implementations.
  • Integration
  • 3rd party services integration with RESTful API or custom API for Single-Sign-On and other services
  • Association Solutions
  • Solutions specific for membership, association, and regulatory websites.
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Professional, reliable web maintenance and web support services.


Delivering a Balanced Approach to Functionality, Design, and Usability

Mission: Inorbital mainly focuses on delighting the clients and their audiences with elegant usable web solutions for associations, education, non-profits, healthcare, public sector organizations.

Manifesto- The Vision: The company’s visionaries include refining and defining CMS-driven solutions to transform and simplify its clients’ digital landscape.

The Inorbital Difference: The difference that Inorbital holds is its balanced approach to functionality, design, and usability. It always believes in creating a fresh web presence that enables the best environment for customers’ organizations to flourish.

1. Fantastic Backend: The technology and platform is an enterprise DXP (Digital Experience Platform). The company applies solid principles, specializing in the Microsoft technology stack using the latest front-end frameworks, protocols, database, and cloud technology.

2. Turnkey Solutions: Inorbital provides a full range of services from strategy to secure hosting to customized support. Its toolkit includes content-managed websites, database-enabled web apps, full-featured e-commerce, event registration micro-sites, or a website dedicated to intranets, associations & member management.

3. Expertise and Reputation: Significant related experience. 20 years of accumulating a great catalog of projects, learning, and applying that knowledge along the way.

4. The Team: The company’s team is made up of a mix of skills from front-end designers to back-end engineers. The Inorbital team has been helping steer organizations to not only meet their web presence goals and objectives but exceed them with a hands-on in-house approach.

5. Usability for all: Through careful planning and testing with clients’ team, along with the Inorbital team, the design will focus on the end-user goals and the organizational goals by implementing menus with natural language, improved dialogue, and personalization resulting in improved channels of interaction and communication from website to user. This is called “Admin-ability”.

6. Solid Process with Proven Methodology: The process is a hybrid waterfall-agile approach. The company uses its proven 6 step process for each project, which consists of an evolving iterative approach to web development.


An Experienced Leader with Futuristic Vision

Tony Tullio is the Director of Inorbital. He brings over 20 years of experience planning and directing a dynamic database-driven web presence. Over the years he’s been featured in the Globe and Mail, countless industry blogs, and journals. He’s also on the board of 2 charitable organizations. His responsibilities at Inorbital include implementing new technologies, project planning, and business development. Tony is also pivotal in steering the firm in its creative direction; hence the ‘director’ title.


Sophisticating UX/UI Services with Advanced Tools

Tony presumes that Inorbital has developed a proven process that has evolved over the years to include a mix of the best industry tools and platforms to craft leading UX/UI solutions. Inorbital starts every project with a strategy workshop where it works with the stakeholders to define user personas that are used in combination with analytics and goals to drive the site architecture. This strategy also leads to a content plan and creative brief. The company’s tool kit includes Adobe XD to prepare and present the site map and project wireframes that then lead to high-fidelity mock-ups. XD is the design tool of choice as it offers the designers the ability to efficiently create the UX/UI assets with the added collaboration toolset for other team members and clients to collaborate and document feedback all in a slick easy-to-use cloud service. It also produces a neat export file for the developers to use for the build.

Inorbital also has a custom Client Dashboard to document the project assets and status, says Tony. He adds that for many years, the company has been using its custom dashboard for its clients to get an easy snapshot of the project deliverables along with a collection of project assets. The members of the company thought of having a better tool out there to do this than the old custom dashboard and this led to scouring the internet for online tools that claim to be client dashboards for web design firms, but none met their standards. This encouraged them to design their own, clean and simple client dashboard exclusive to their customers. The new client dashboard consists of a landing page that displays the timeline of the project and recent files that are being updated on the main page. The files added will also indicate status as well as presentation date.

Tony claims that the company, especially, the members, are always looking for ways to make the project experience better. This advancement helps to have a point of reference for Inorbital’s project files as well as makes it easier to locate and track the project files without having to dig through emails.

Another important tool in the UX/UI arsenal is the backend CMS that provides a functionally rich solution out of the box. Tony highlights that the company leverages Xperience by Kentico DXP (Digital Experience Platform), which is a fully integrated solution within a single tool, evolving from a content management system (CMS). While a CMS helps with managing and delivering content for websites and applications, a DXP combines content management with digital marketing capabilities and digital commerce. It helps to deliver consistent and perfectly personalized digital experiences across all channels and devices to boost the results.

Finally, the 6 step process of the company along with its toolkit has been refined and adjusted over time to always improve, reveals Tony. By involving clients throughout the process and engaging in constant feedback, Inorbital is targeting the same success limiting surprises and complications. The work plan has this iterative approach baked in and sharing JIRA with clients provides an even more transparent flow that the clients love.


Documenting Project Insights for Better Experience and Learning

Tony states that Inorbital thrives in an open and sharing world. “Borders are shrinking as technology and the economy is the catalyst and the vessel for global advancements in our industry. That being said, Inorbital clients are mostly in Canada with some pretty significant clients on the other side of the world,” he adds. Inorbital contributes to this sharing ecosystem by openly documenting project insights through case studies and contributing to industry blogs. The team routinely writes about failures and successes and posts them on the website and guest blog on industry platforms on topics from strategy, design trends, and accessibility for people with disabilities. Accessibility has become a key design consideration in Canada and Inorbital has been leading the charge by designing and coding accessible websites well before the legislation came into being.


Remarkable Instances and Valuable Feedbacks

According to Tony, recent brands that rely on Inorbital include Dietitians of Canada, Halton, QuestMortage, LBDO, CPSO, QATAR Airways, Canada Mental Health Association, etc.

He adds that the company has successfully developed 160 Kentico Websites and 29 sites of the month. It has achieved certifications such as Microsoft Azure Competency, Development and Integration Competency, Online Marketing Competency, and Intranet Competency.

Robin Dube, Director, Strategic Marketing at BDO Debt Solutions expresses his thrilling experience of working with Inorbital. He says, “For BDO Debt Solutions, a website relaunch was a critical next step for our business: a modern, mobile-friendly website, optimized for conversion was a must. Working with Inorbital helped us achieve these goals and more. The team at Inorbital worked with us from design to launch, and were fantastic partners in the process, helping us deliver on schedule and budget, with a high-quality result that will help us move our business forward. They made working on the website under very tight deadlines a streamlined and easy process. The solution was incredibly fast and simple to use, and with Inorbital’s development expertise, it provided the features and performance we needed on both the front and back end. We are thrilled with the final site.”


Exclusive Partnership as a Catalyst to Innovation

Inorbital has been a Kentico solution partner since 2009. As an expert solution provider, the company can truly leverage the full extent of the enterprise-class DXP (Digital Experience Platform) to provide functional solutions based on the UX/UI crafted by the design team, mentions Tony.


Paving the Way for a Better Community in the Future

Tony says that Inorbital is constantly micro-evolving while focused on its core service offering and industry sectors. Design is moving towards more flexible UX/UI systems to allow more control to marketers and content editors. This is the core of what the company has been offering its clients since the beginning; only tools and design frameworks are now supporting this approach.

The future for Inorbital is to take on more projects for good that ultimately make an impact on society and those in need. These projects for charities and nonprofits are a way the team can feel great that what they are doing is meaningful and important and contributes to a better community.

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