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by Analytics Insight

December 19, 2021

Emerging 4D printing trends are set to evolve the existing 3D printing technology in 2022

The fourth dimension of 3D printing technology is 4D printing. The major difference between 3D printing and 4D printing is the use of materials to be printed and the printing facility. This emerging technology combines printing techniques with high-level material science, software, and engineering. 4D printing is about bringing this extra dimension to materials. It is more about transforming the already created 3D printed object over some time. They change their shape depending on our requirements. 4D technology uses commercial 3D printers such as Polyjet printers, the input can be hydrogel or shape memory polymer. There are many advantages of 4D printing such as size-changing, new materials added; the objects can shrink, unfold, and compress which are made with 4D printing. One potential application of 4D printing in the real world would be a self-repair piping system that can be of great use in all sectors. This technology can be used in biotechnology, medicine, and manufacturing too. The printing holds exciting potential for the way products are manufactured today.


Major five 4D printing trends

Aerospace: 4D printing can be used to make self-deploying structures for air ventilation, engine cooling. Space missions can also benefit from this technology

Defense: 4D can be useful in military uniforms that can alter their camouflage. Researchers are exploring ways the military could use self-assembling objects

Medical: The technology can be used in tissue engineering and smart biomedical devices for the fabrication of nanoparticles for chemotherapy

Automotive: 4D printing can be beneficial to produce car components that can adapt to changing environmental conditions

Consumer goods: This technology can be used to make flat pack furniture pieces like chairs and tables, which can self-assemble when triggered

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