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How My Uber Internship Expanded My Horizons

Prior to this internship, my university’s professors, fellow students, and career counselors gave me a dystopian picture of developing software at a large company: a silent, gray room with no windows populated by rows of desks stretching to unseen walls,...

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Uber One “Friendsgiving” Twitter Sweepstakes

OFFICIAL RULES Uber Technologies, LLC (“Uber”) is sponsoring the Uber One “Friendsgiving” Twitter Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”). The Sweepstakes is subject to these official rules (the “Official Rules”), and by participating, you (“Entrant”) agree to be bound...

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From LGO to PhD

Many students in MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program return to the workplace primed to tackle complex operational problems. But sometimes their research sparks deep scholarly interest, and they bring their LGO toolkit into an academic career...

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InData Labs in Top Lithuania B2B Companies Listing

9 November 2022Author Anastasiya ZharovskikhArtificial intelligence software development becomes increasingly widespread, and at the current stage adoption of top-notch technologies is one of the essential elements of a successful enterprise. Such automatic...

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