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Thank you for being a valued Indico user! We’re constantly making updates to our app and APIs, working on new features, and garnering feedback to be best in class for intelligent process automation.  Have ideas on how to make our product even better – please let us know!

Innovations and Updates in v4.16:

  •   Image Processing Improvements
    • Better exception handling when URLs are submitted to image classification workflows has been implemented.
    • Bundled images submitted to workflow submissions were previously resulting in an error; This has been fixed.
  • Role Access Correction
    • Analysts can no longer modify workflow settings.
  • Fixes for Workflows With Review
    • Workflows with review_enabled_auto_review_enabled have been corrected for a bug that disallowed them from running.
  •   Other Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • OCR settings in Workflows now follow correct capitalization practices.
    • SubmissionFile via the API now exposes the number of pages for non-image workflows and file size for all workflows.
    • Errors in Celery Flower were corrected that were causing two SNS notifications to be sent for a single submission failure.

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