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Scraped data and analysis of the World’s top Manufacturing Companies by Revenue in 2020


There is increasing competitiveness on trade and countries are now investing heavily on manufacturing based on it’s contribution to the economy in terms of jobs creation, GDP and export increase that positively stimulates the economy  . I scraped data using Python on the World’s top manufacturing companies in 2020 by revenue from the list of 500 fortune companies in Wikipedia. The data scraped is analyzed using visuals  in Python to find out the leading manufacturing countries, leading  industries  and leading companies revenue contribution.


To get insights I visualized: The top 10 world’s manufacturing  company, top 5 world’s manufacturing countries with most companies in the list, percentage of manufacturing companies by country,  top leading manufacturing industry , revenue from manufacturing by country and top US manufacturing companies.


The data was scraped from the list of top manufacturing companies by revenue from Wikipedia. It consists of 100 observations and five variables. Four of the variables are categorical and one numeric variable(Revenue in billion US dollar). I preprocessed, explored and visualized the data in python.

Analysis and visualization

The bar chart below shows the top 10 companies revenue contribution from manufacturing  in 2020.

From the chart, Volkswagen group  contributes the highest ($282.700 US), followed by Toyota group with contribution of $265.172(US). The least in the top 10 is General Motors with revenue contribution of 137.237 billion dollars (US).  The chart also shows, five of the companies are in the automotive industry, while Apple and Samsung belong to the electronics industry.

The below bar graph shows percentage of  the top 5 countries with the most world manufacturing companies.

As shown above, United States and China are even on the number of companies in the list;  24% each, followed by Japan with 13%, Germany 10% and South Korea 5% of total manufacturing companies in the list in 2020.

The bar chart illustrates the relative  percentage of the number of World’s leading manufacturing  industries in 2020.

From above, 19% of all the World’s manufacturing companies are in the automotive industry , followed by engineering.

Below bar chart shows the Revenue contribution from the manufacturing companies per country.

In terms of Revenue contribution from the manufacturing industry in 2020, United States has the highest of 1932.152 billion dollars, followed by China with contribution of 1685.99 billion dollars. The least is India with 37.242 billion dollars.

The bar chart below shows  top US manufacturing contribution in United States

The highest contribution by manufacturing companies in United States in 2020 is made by Apple in the electronics industry with a contribution of 260.174 billion( US dollars), followed by Ford in the automotive industry with a contribution of 155.900 billion(US dollars) and the least contribution of 71.965 billion dollars was made by Intel in the electronics industry.


As trade competition increases with global challenges of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 which affected manufacturing sector of few countries; the above visualizations show the contribution of  the World’s leading manufacturing countries, leading industries and companies by revenue in 2020. It also, show the leading manufacturing companies contribution in the United States. The findings of United States and China having even percentage of companies in the list, United States with the highest revenue contribution from manufacturing, automotive industry the highest generated the highest revenue and apple in the United States contributed the highest gives a good insights to enable policy makers, manufacturing company executives and future research analyst to implement policies that will increase manufacturing productivity to gain competitive advantage in other to increase manufacturing contribution towards GDP, thereby stimulating the economy and creating more jobs.


This analysis is limited to only revenue contribution ; an extensive research on total manufacturing contribution is required to get additional insights in the future.

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