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by Sayantani Sanyal

February 23, 2022

Analytics Insight enlists the top tech stocks for today

The information technology sector is one of the most crucial sectors in the global markets. For several countries, the core information technology and electronics sector are one of the largest drivers of export revenue. Tech stocks generally go through changes whenever the company is suffering or is excelling in its performance, but it maintains a relatively concentrated portfolio. The fund is long-biased, though it also can witness increasing success in identifying alpha-generating themes on the short side of its portfolio. In short, tech stocks have the capability to grow and these stocks will continue to grow unless there is a drastic major change in the financial economy of a country. Today, Analytics Insight brings forward the top tech stocks for February 23, 2022, that you can invest in to gain more profits this year.


Infosys Limited

Price today: US$23.05

Market cap: US$99.459 billion

Infosys is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. The company is the second-largest Indian IT company in the country and aims to provide advanced services to its clients.


Wipro Limited

Price today: US$7.57

Market cap: US$3.124 trillion

Wipro Limited is also an Indian multinational conglomerate that has diverse businesses in FMCG, lighting, information technology, and consulting. It has ranked as one of the top companies in the global sustainability index and provides seamless consulting and technology services to its customers.


Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Price today: US$121.84

Market cap: US$8.248 billion

Arrow Electronics is a global provider of electronic components, computer products, and enterprising computing solutions to OEMs, contract manufacturers, and other commercial customers. The company distributes batteries, displays, sensors, memory products, and a wide range of other electronic components.


Enphase Energy, Inc.

Price today: US$133.03

Market cap: US$17.818 billion

Enphase Energy is a global energy technology company that brings solar, batteries, and software together in one complete package. It supplies micro inverter-based, solar and storage systems. The company has installed more than 39 million microinverters in more than 1.7 million homes worldwide.


Sea Limited

Price today: US$125.72

Market cap: US$70.119 billion

Sea Limited is a leading global consumer internet company founded in Singapore. The company’s mission is to improve the lives of consumers and small businesses in technology.

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