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April 3, 2022

Leverage the top five painting robots for surface finish for the effective workload in 2022

Hey, robots are dominating the tech world with their attractive and talented skills to help human employees efficiently and effectively. Robots are working hard to maintain a human-machine work relationship to transform the workload in an easy manner. In this article, we are here to learn about the top five painting robots for the surface finish to look out for in 2022.


Top five painting robots for the surface finish in 2022

KUKA and Dürr’s ready2_spray

German company Dürr has long been a market leader in the automotive industry, providing assembly and painting solutions. A couple of years ago they teamed up with robot manufacturer KUKA to produce the ready2_spray solution.


FANUC’s PaintMate

FANUC’s dedicated painting solution is the PaintMate series. It is one of the best painting robots in the world and one should consider trying this one for the perfect finish. Like the previously mentioned solutions, it is explosion-proof via compliance with the ATEX directive for equipment working in an explosive environment.


B+M Surface Systems

Although a lesser-known robot manufacturer than the previous options, German company B+M Surface Systems specializes in surface finishing technologies, ranging from dipping technologies to robotic painting solutions.


ABB’s FlexPainter

ABB was the pioneer of painting robots way back in the late 1960s. Their newest painting robot, the FlexPainter, continues to innovate with their new ABB Ability Connected Atomizer — the “world’s first digital automotive robotic painting system.” Like other painting robots, the Flexpainter (based around the IRB 5500) has a large work envelope, allowing it to reach across even large workpieces to paint the other side.


Kawasaki’s Robotic Painting

Kawasaki provides its own robotic painting solution based on its K-Series robots. Like all the robots on this list, they come with a range of peripherals that improve the painting experience and, importantly, are suited to the pressurized environment of a painting booth.

Thus, one can leverage these above-mentioned robots to complete the whole workload of surface finishing without any potential issues or concerns. This way, human employees can focus on other important areas to boost productivity efficiently.

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