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February 12, 2022

As a beginner learner of programming languages, explore these top 5 python projects for beginners to hone your skill 

As a beginner learner of programming languages, you can hone your skill by doing practice projects as much as possible. It would definitely help you understand your mistakes and improve accordingly. Here are the top Python projects that you must try as a beginner.


Interactive Dictionary

You can build an interactive dictionary using python language by just using the basic concepts like JSON, functions, and conditional statements. You will need a JSON file for the data which will contain the word and its meaning and then upload that file to find the correct meaning of the word the user searched.


Guess the Word

In entry-level Python project ideas, Hangman is one of the popular games where a word is picked either by the opponent player, or by the program, and the player has the entire alphabet set available to guess letters from. 


Object Detection

Object detection is a computer vision method and a popular Python Project Idea that allows us to identify and locate objects in an image or video. You can use this technique for various tasks: to count items in a scene and determine and track their precise locations while accurately labeling them.


Quiz App 

Coding and running a multiple-choice app via your command line shows that you can use what you’ve learned to build something pretty basic and usable. Coding a multiple-choice quiz with Python not only exposes you to how a typical quiz app works, but you’ll also get used to some of the core concepts of Python programming. 


Anagram Game

An anagram of a word is another word obtained by shuffling its letters. For example, race and care are anagram of each other. The basic idea of the project will be to read the file that contains word random words from the dictionary, shuffle it, and ask the user to guess the correct word from its anagram by giving hints.

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