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by Analytics Insight

April 15, 2022

We are going to learn about the open-source platforms that can help create robots

One multi-task performing robot can create an enormous difference in the cores of a business operation and its workflow. Over the past few years, robotics technology has risen and is still moving up the ladder, proving its worth by providing huge successes to businesses with increased productivity and customer retention rates.

These brave new robots are becoming a part of other technological changes and are moving towards enabling unprecedented opportunities for industries around the globe.

Every robot is an integration of sleek electronics and versatile software. Robots have to connect to real-life circumstances and perform based on predictive analytics about the situations that might occur in the future.

In this article, we are going to learn about the top open-source platforms with which developers can create robots and help maximize business profits.

  • OpenBionics: OpenBionics is the perfect open-source initiative to create robots and bionic products. The company aims at creating affordable 3D printed bionic brands for amputees and researchers.
  • Poppy Project: Poppy Project is an open-source platform for the creation and use of interactive 3D printed robots. This platform promotes open source by sharing hardware, software, and web tools.
  • Webots: Webots is another open-source platform used to fuel robot making. It provides a completely supportive environment to model, program, and makes robots. This platform is designed for professional use in the fields of industry, education, and research.
  • Otto DIY: Otto DIY is also an open-source robot platform to build and create robots. It guides the users through the videos to build Otto. It also allows you to print 3D robots which is absolutely free.
  • Wandelbots: Wandelbots is a unique platform that allows its users to design a robot without writing codes. This enables the building of independent robot programs along with saving a lot of time.

Robots can boost the process of personalized learning, since they are equipped to interact, listen, speak, and connect and so can also be used as a tool by many businesses. These open-source robotic platforms can help you design and build your robots hustle-free.


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