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Quantum computing has emerged as an interesting career option in recent years

Experts believe that quantum computing can change the world. It possesses the capabilities of revolutionizing the drug discovery process, facilitating deciphering codes for security purposes, and so much more. Currently, it is safe to say that quantum computing can help solve several complex issues, which would not have been possible otherwise. This rising use of quantum computing is also accompanied by a number of quantum computing jobs. Companies are ready to hire skilled and talented professionals who can leverage these advanced tools and technologies and reach the company objectives on time. In this article, we have listed the top quantum computing jobs that you can apply for right now.

Quantum Analyst

Offered by: Global Talent Pool

Location: Bangalore, India


  • Have to work with an integrated team of computational biologists, bioinformatics, and AI engineers
  • Will have to design and deliver novel algorithms that are focused on embedding quantum computing with strongly correlated simulations
  • Provide a foundation for algorithmic development to enable deployable solutions

Skills Required:

  • Demonstrate strong programming skills, including Python and C language
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a strong interdisciplinary team
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • 2-5 years of industry experience


  • Tech or B.E. in any related domain, including quantum physics, mathematics, statistics, and with strong knowledge in quantum computing

Head of High-Performance Computing

Offered by: Lambda

Location: California, United States (Remote)


  • Build a team that can design high performance and cost-effective servers and clusters for deep learning
  • Advise Lambda’s executive team on computer hardware
  • Develop ideas for new hardware products and features
  • Establish effective collaborations with customers, suppliers, and other teams
  • Hire, develop, and retain world-class engineers

Skills Required:

  • Have extensive technical experience in high-performance computing
  • Skilled at hiring, retention, and professional development
  • Should have hands-on experience in machine learning
  • Can build strong relationships across all platforms
  • Possess experience in compute infrastructure for machine learning, among several other technical skills

Scientific Writer (Quantum Computing and Control)

Offered by: Q-CTRL

Location: United States


  • Documenting, engaging inventive ways to use Q-CTRL’s quantum control software to solve critical problems that quantum computers face
  • Create and review clear and accessible documentation for the company’s products
  • Identify customers’ needs and challenges, conceptualize and produce descriptions
  • Edit, clarity, and proofread documents that are written by others, and also coach non-writers
  • Collaborate closely with several teams including product, quantum professional services, quantum research, and others

Skills Required:

  • Have interest or experience in programming, especially Python
  • Enjoy diverse challenges and solve complex problems
  • Have an interest in areas like quantum control, quantum information, or in any experimental platforms that are used for quantum computing and sensing
  • Enjoy interacting with customers and communicate effectively


  • Degree in Physics, or other reacted disciplines like engineering, or computer science
  • A Ph.D. is desirable but not essential

Quantum Computer Architect

Offered by: Alibaba

Location: Seattle, United States


  • Work with teammates from different areas to distil key solution concepts for quantum computer architecture, prototype, and implement the solutions

Skills Required

  • Passionate about building a quantum computer
  • Prior experience in superconducting quantum computers, but not essential


  • Required Ph.D. degree with a focus on computer architecture
  • A strong record in industrial computer architecture and R&D

Quantum Computing Researcher

Offered by: PayPal

Location: San Jose, United States


  • Engage with senior research lead and stakeholders to build quantum computing projects that are meaningful for the PayPal ecosystem
  • Engage cross-functional and business teams to understand the business needs, existing gaps, use cases, and propose a suitable research plan
  • Present research project findings for information security leaders and relevant stakeholders to either seed technology adoption or improve security technology oversight capability
  • Deliver on research plan by increasing technology readiness and producing research outputs such as technical white papers, and others

Skills Required

  • Advanced cryptography knowledge in post-quantum cryptography
  • Possess a curious mind and is willing to learn about new and emerging security technology areas
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Interest in deepening domain knowledge for real-world security information security principles
  • A good understanding of programming languages


  • Graduate or professional with a Ph.D., preferably in quantum computing, applied mathematics, computer science, or related tech

Software Developer- Quantum Computing

Offered by: Aquila

Location: Lexington, United States


  • Will have to work with a team of researchers to build, test, and maintain software for the quantum computer
  • Broadly interact with a team of experts in superconducting qubit theory, design, fabrication, and measurement to promote the capabilities of the superconducting quantum processor
  • Building, testing, and maintaining software to control quantum computers
  • Documenting code and communicating developments with the experimental team

Skills Required

  • Proficiency in Python and another object-oriented programming language
  • Experience with automated analysis and large datasets
  • Experience in machine learning protocols
  • Ability to effectively communicate with staff and technicians


  • Bachelor’s degree along with a master’s degree in relevant field
  • Willingness to undergo an extensive background investigation and maintain government issued clearance

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