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by Disha Sinha

December 12, 2021

Prepare your papers for enrolment in the top robotics forums and communities in 2022

Robotics is gaining high popularity with multiple robots for different industries across the world. Students and working professionals are eager to join forums of robotics to gain more understanding of robots and other mechanisms of robotics. Multiple robotics forums in 2022 are set to open enrolment for joining and learning more about robotics. Robotics communities consist of experts from different roles of robotics such as robotics engineers, software engineers, robotics perception and navigation specialists, robot programmers, and many more. Let’s explore some of the top robotics forums and communities to get enrolled in 2022.


Top robotics forums in 2022

The European Robotics Forum 2022

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date: 22 March- 24 March

The European Robotics Forum 2022 is one of the top robotics forums across the world with the most influential meetings of robotics communities in Europe. It covers different aspects of the robotics fields including multiple robots and their functionalities. The innovations in robotics are discussed by researchers, engineers, public, and many more. The theme of 2022 will be ‘Sustainability’ with four plenary sessions divided over three dates. There will be interactive workshop programme with interesting keynotes to gain better understanding of robotics.


The Robotics Summit & Expo

Location: Boston, USA

Date: 10 May to 11 May

The Robotics Summit & Expo is a popular robotics forum with a multifaceted as well as international event focused on technical issues of commercial robotics systems. It brings together the brightest minds in robotics with specializations in robots to share their experience in different areas. There are three main tracks— technologies, tools and platforms track; design and development track and manufacturability; and production and distribution track. The main goal is to bring the robotics community to discuss about the development of the next-gen commercial-class robotics systems.


ICRIT 2022

Location: The University of the Ryukyus, Japan

Date: 21 May to 23 May

ICRIT 2022 or the 5th International Conference on Robotics and Intelligent Technology 2022 is one of the leading robotics forums for researchers, professionals, and many others from the global tech industry. It calls for high-quality as well as original research papers in the theory and practice of robotics and other intelligent technologies. The papers will be peer-reviewed by conference committees and will be sent to databases for indexing.  There will be reporting of latest innovations in this state-of-the-art field with multiple topics such as space and underwater robots, humanoid robots, collective and social robots, and many more.


ICRA 2022

Location: Philadelhpia, USA

Date: 23 May- 27 May

ICRA 2022 or the International Conference on Robotics and Automation is known as a flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation society. This robotics forum is focused on bringing world researchers as well as companies to share ideas and advances in the robotics field. There will be plenary sessions, contributed paper sessions, workshops, forums, robot challenges, and many more exciting and learning events.


Robots Investments Communication Forum and Exhibition 2022

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 4 October- 6 October

The Robots Investments Communication Forum and Exhibition 2022 is one of the top robotics forums to discuss about robotics, robots, and electronics. It shows companies news of Turkey and internationals regarding the field of robotics.

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