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Massive tornadoes ripped through a big portion of the Heartland a few days ago. The fact that we’re having tornadoes in December is for another post altogether but the travesty in all this is the needless deaths of workers that weren’t allowed to protect themselves. The short of it is you are an expendable worker; human cannon fodder for the shareholder and Jeff Bezos.

Despite the advance notice by weather forecasters about the impending dangerous weather, many owners kept their employees working.

Over 76 people were killed that night, an estimated 70 alone in Kentucky with a majority of the dead coming from a candle company owned by Mayfield Consumer Products. Over 110 people were inside that building that night, working while Tornado Warnings were issued.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a total of 146 tornado warnings throughout the night for areas of several states including Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.

What’s so bad about a warning you might ask?


There’s often confusion as to what a Weather Warning is versus a Watch. A Watch merely means that the conditions exist for a particular weather event to occur, but it doesn’t mean that it will occur. A Tornado Watch means the weather conditions are present where a tornado could occur.

A Tornado Warning means that a tornado is imminent in your immediate area. A tornado cell might be forming or a tornado was spotted. When you get a Tornado Warning you get to shelter and FAST.

While it remains to be verified if a Tornado Warning was issued for the area where the candle factory was, one thing IS CLEAR.

Workers are treated as if they were expendable for minimum wage.

The candle factory wasn’t the only company that treats workers like shit. Let’s look at my favorite whipping boy AMZN.

The following screenshots were shared from the above Twitter status.


If a company monitors your piss breaks you are expendable. All you are to them is an organic robot. If you break down (die) there is another organic robot that will take your place for just above minimum wage but below a livable wage.

This is not sustainable.

I’ll leave you with this meme, partly because it’s funny but also very true. Why aren’t we enjoying the fruits of our technologies instead of shooting silver penises into space for Bozo and Musk?

Screen Shot 2021 12 10 at 111755 AM

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